Welcome to my new proofreading blog

‘Write a proofreading blog’ has been on my to-do list for a long time. I’m finally dragging myself into the twenty-first century and starting it today. I’ve always managed to find an excuse not to start that first draft. I suddenly find jobs that apparently need doing immediately, such as filing emails or mopping the kitchen floor. However, given that I’ve been planning to update my website for ages and have finally got round to that (many thanks to the ever-patient and hugely knowledgeable Dave Stapenell of A9 Creative and SEO), I thought it was a good time to start. Well, I’m finally taking the plunge, so here goes…

I plan to write about the positive and negative sides of being a proofreader and about issues and solutions that I come across along the way. I’m also aiming to include posts that might interest people who have previously employed a proofreader or copy-editor or who are thinking of doing so.

I’m not aiming to be a prize-winning writer, but I’m aiming to write some insightful content that’s easy to read and fairly light-hearted. I might even throw in a few jokes along the way. I’ll try not to include any that are too corny, though, so fear not. The next post will be cobbled together – I mean carefully structured – very soon.