Over the years I’ve received lots of testimonials. Here are some for you to read, listed according to the type of client who wrote them. Please note that although many clients provided their job title and the name of the university they were working at or attending at the time when they wrote the testimonial, many of them will have moved on and will no longer be working or studying there. And of course the same goes for the details of those working at various organisations, research institutes, businesses and so on.

Testimonials from academics

‘Beverley Sykes has been editing philosophical papers, PhD dissertations and edited volumes for me, my PhD students and my colleagues for more than 10 years – and everyone has been univocally very positive about the work Bev does/delivers. She is reliable and uncomplicated in arranging to get the work done, and her editorial work is very careful and always improves the writing.’

Prof. Dr. Ingrid Robeyns, Chair Ethics of Institutions, Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies, Faculty of Humanities, Utrecht University, the Netherlands

‘I can thoroughly recommend the services of Beverley Sykes of Superscript Proofreading. As a proof-reader she is both highly efficient in working to deadlines, and professional in her dealings with publishers and editors. I was able to go on holiday confident in the knowledge that my proof reading commitments would be successfully expedited by a skilled practitioner who would attend scrupulously to the text, and who would liaise on any queries with production and series editors.’
Professor David Amigoni, English, School of Humanities, Keele University, UK

‘Bev has an exemplary attention to detail, and her work is of the highest quality. Bev is a true professional and I continue to recommend her to colleagues and students without hesitation.’
Dr Ilia Xypolia, Department of Politics & International Relations, University of Aberdeen, UK

‘Bev did an amazing job on my book manuscript on a very tight timeline. She’s fast, thorough and knows both UK and American publishers’ requirements cold. She spotted things not even my editor or press copy-editor found. I was able to turn in extremely clean copy and get my book into a Spring printing.’
Deirdre McKay, Senior Lecturer in Social Geography and Environmental Politics, Keele University, UK

‘Bev Sykes’ professional academic essay editing and proof-reading is at the highest standard. The great editing job on the several manuscripts and research papers that I have sent to her as well as the excellent service are highly appreciated. I am looking forward to continuing using Bev’s editing and proofreading service.

Bev has corrected two extended articles with care and great attention to detail. I was impressed by her prompt and excellent work. I have strongly recommended her editing service to my colleagues and friends.

‘I was more than delighted that I managed to get the most recent papers out before the deadline. Thanks to her excellent knowledge in academic writing and editing two of my recent papers have been accepted and published within six and eight months from the submission date.’
Dr Miroslav Spasov, Senior Lecturer, Composition and Computer Music Techniques, Programme Director for Music Technology, Keele University, UK

‘Beverley Sykes has copyedited a book proposal and a large book project for me recently. I am impressed by her meticulous and creative suggestions, and her stylistic revisions have been invaluable for the realization of this project.’
Dr Niklas Salmose, Associate Professor in English Literature, Vice-Chair Department of Languages, Linnaeus University, Sweden

‘Beverley has been a great editor for my research article. She finished proofreading exceptionally quick which really helped in the short timeframe we had before submitting. My compliments for the attention to detail and I’ve learned a lot by reviewing the tracked changes she included. Would recommend!’

Dr. V.J. Molenaar, researcher, Saltro diagnostics centre (Utrecht, the Netherlands), part of Unilabs

‘I found Beverley’s details online at a very stressful time, when I was in the last stages of writing up and submitting my PhD thesis. Beverley said she could produce a final draft for me at short notice and was true to her word, returning my manuscript exactly or even a couple of days earlier than the deadline we had agreed. I can honestly say that were it not for her help, I would not have been able to submit on time and probably would have had to make at least a long list of minor corrections after my viva.

Beverley was very professional and first of all spent a long time checking with myself and my supervisors the level of corrections she was allowed to make to my work. This filled me with confidence and taught me much about good editing. I was told that a good proofreader’s work makes it easy for the public to read academic texts. Once I had got my thesis back from Beverley, I found that I had a new level of confidence in my own writing due to the way it flowed so easily on the page; and also because I knew that I did not have to hunt for small errors myself. I am convinced that my thesis passed ‘with no corrections’ at least partly because it was well polished. I will always be grateful for Beverley’s professionalism and timeliness for potentially saving me from months of extra work.’

Dr Violeta Vajda (PhD researcher at the time of writing)

‘I can highly recommend Superscript Proofreading Services. With thorough comments on how to improve my texts, Beverley Sykes has clearly contributed to increasing the quality of my writings. I will definitely continue to use this service.’
Gustav Lidén, Senior Lecturer, Mid Sweden University

‘Superscript proofreading helped me to streamline and professionalize my grant application and meet the deadline even though it was during the Christmas holidays. The proofreading was more detailed and meticulous than I could have hoped for and was mindful of my very strict word limit. I will definitely be using this service again in the future and I can highly recommend it to anyone working in academia.’
Bernice Bovenkerk, Ethics Institute, Utrecht University, the Netherlands

‘Bev is efficient, thorough, quick and insightful. Her attention to detail is also amazing – she can even catch typos in languages other than English. I cannot recommend her copy-editing services highly enough.’
Amparo Tarazona Vento, University of Glasgow

‘Many thanks for your support, Bev. Having access to your proofreading can be formulated in terms of social support. Bev takes care of my language limitations and transforms them into understandable English. When I send my texts to Bev, a heavy weight falls from my shoulders. You will never be disappointed.’
Susanne Gustafsson, Senior Lecturer, University of Gävle, Sweden

‘Bev made the final stages of turning a manuscript into a finished product so much less of a chore. Her insightful comments really helped me to fine tune my arguments and pull together a more cohesive account. I would unreservedly recommend her services.’
Professor Clare Holdsworth, Keele University, UK

‘In my profession as a philosopher, I feel that being a non-native speaker of English puts me at a distinct disadvantage. Not only do errors in syntax and spelling make your texts look sloppy, all too often the clarity of the argument itself suffers from bad grammar. Therefore I was very happy to find Superscript Proofreading when I was in the process of finishing my PhD thesis. Beverley Sykes works fast and very thoroughly, at a very decent price. I sincerely recommend her services.’
Dr Niels Nijsingh, researcher at Utrecht University, the Netherlands

‘I have used Superscript Proofreading for my own work and have also recommended it to colleagues and postgraduate students. Bev showed incredible attention to detail and a thorough approach. This was combined with a sensitivity to the context and to the author, for example, in distinguishing between changes that were necessary for clarity and readability and ones that were recommended. Being able to choose the level of proofreading required and having clear information about pricing and timing made the whole process straightforward.’
Dr Jane Richardson, Senior Lecturer in Health Service Research, Keele University, UK

‘I would really like to recommend Beverley Sykes’ Superscript Proofreading Services. Her comments on our manuscripts have been very helpful; they are professional, instructive, creative and always on time. I would also like to thank Bev for her positive and helpful attitude.’
Bo Nilsson, Professor, Umeå University, Sweden

‘Bev’s proofreading services are strongly recommended! Without her professional help and advice on my PhD thesis, it would not be completed and submitted on time.
Once Bev is in her office, she is a very responsible and professional person who is good at communicating with her customers. Before she started to proofread my work, she tried her hardest to understand my language difficulties and writing styles. She is also good at focusing on details. For example, when she proofread Chapter 4 of my thesis, she even pointed out that a term in Chapter 4 was not exactly the same as the one I used in Chapter 2, which was checked by her almost one month ago! When Bev’s out of the office, she will be a good friend of her customers. In those dark ‘writing-up’ days, she was always available (by email) to listen to my complaints, to encourage, and to offer advice.
Before writing my review, I read those existing ones and feel that I could not agree with them more. A tip from my experience is that do contact her and book yourself in in advance to avoid disappointment as she’s always busy.’
Wei Wei Cao, Assistant Professor, Hunan University, China

‘Thank you for your efficient and helpful work on the manuscript of the European Textbook on Ethics in Research. It was particularly valuable in bringing stylistic consistency to a multi-authored work. Your involvement saved us a lot of time and enabled us to deliver a better output to the European Commission.’
Jonathan, Senior Lecturer, Keele University, UK

‘I would highly recommend Beverley as a proofreader. Her work is quick, precise, and comments on my research paper were really convincing and helpful.’
Satoshi Kusakabe, Journalist Fellow, Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, University of Oxford, The Mainichi Newspapers, Tokyo

‘I think that you work very efficiently and with a capacity that is hard to understand. I’m often surprised how soon I get the text in return. Still you manage to give comprehensive comments with suggestions on alternative clarifying formulations.

IDK what more to say other than your price level is really decent.’
Hans T Sternudd, PhD, Senior Lecturer, Linnéuniversitetet, Institutionen för kulturvetenskaper, avd för Konst- och bildvetenskap (Linnæus University, School of Cultural Sciences), Växjö, Sweden


Testimonials from students

‘Bev read several of my PhD chapters and her job was of the highest quality I have seen so far. As a non-native speaker I was impressed by her ability to grasp the intended meaning of long, convoluted sentences as well as her very helpful suggestions for modification. Her command of the language is exceptional and so is her attention to detail yet she is not overly intrusive when correcting grammatical or syntactical errors. I would highly recommend her as a proofreader to anyone who seeks professional standards.’

Hatice Yildiz, Junior Research Fellow, Merton College, University of Oxford

‘Bev Sykes is a fast and incredibly proficient proofreader. I was working with a tight deadline and Bev was a dream come true – her quick work allowed me to hand in my thesis corrections early and they were accepted soon after. I am very grateful to have worked with Bev and would highly recommend her to anyone needing a proofreader.’
Elizabeth Savage, MA, PhD (Dunelm), International Communications Representative

‘Bev was wonderful to work with. I would 100% recommend her to anyone else looking for proof reading services. Her level of professionalism and regular communication was brilliant, and her attention to detail throughout my thesis far surpassed my expectations. I only hope that we get to work together again in the future.’
Gemma Martin, PhD student, Liverpool Hope University

‘As an academic, you want your papers to look as if a native speaker wrote them without losing your own voice and style. This is what Beverley does for you! Her editing brings out the best in your work. I would recommend her to anyone.’
Daphne Brandenburg, PhD, Philosophy of Mind, Radboud University, Nijmegen, the Netherlands, and Macquarie University, Sydney

‘English not being my native language, I am especially grateful for the thorough, helpful and instructive comments to enable me to make the necessary corrections and improvements to the language of my text.

Communication was another strong point in the proofreading service given, always professional, and always friendly and encouraging. Through e-mail communication before and after the finished proofreading, and the communication in the ‘balloons’ with comments, misunderstandings were avoided which made my job of correcting the text much easier.

The encouragement that was given throughout for example by pointing out the most common mistakes in my use of English, while at the same time finding some positive sides to my English writing, was appreciated.

At the end, the proofreading of the text produced a clearer, more fluent presentation of the discussion in my thesis. It clearly helped elucidate my findings and discussions.’
Jonny, Doctoral student in Sociology, Department of Sociology, Umeå University, Sweden

‘I highly recommend Bev at Superscript. She was professional, thorough and efficient. She spotted lots of errors that I thought I had checked for and made very helpful comments about word choice and sentence structure that definitely improved my work. I liked Bev’s friendly and helpful attitude and I felt I could completely trust her to do a great job.
Marion, Staffordshire University, UK

‘I would strongly recommend Bev’s service to anyone who would like to improve the presentation and quality of their work. Having been an academic for almost 20 years I thought I was able to write coherently and well; however, Bev was able to identify weaknesses in my writing style that others had missed. Her generous and non-judgemental approach made it a pleasure to work with her and her attention to detail was excellent. I learnt much from the process that I will be able to utilise in future work. Bev’s approachable, friendly and flexible manner made what could have been a grim process a pleasure. Thank you so much, Bev.
Nikki Rochford, Doctoral Student at the Research Institute for Life Course Studies, Keele University, UK

‘I would like to thank you very much for your work. I highly appreciate your effort with me in my thesis. I would like to say that you are the super proofreader that I am going to recommend to all people I know. Your work definitely improved my presentation and I would like to thank you very much again for the friendly and helpful attitude that improved my writings to be fluent.

Finally, I would like to thank you for meeting the deadline and for sure I will come back to you if I have any queries.’
Hala Mansour, Doctoral student, Keele University

‘Bev has been very quick on the job, has provided good comments and suggestions, and has been very helpful and apt in dealing with follow-up questions.’
Hein Duijf MSc, PhD candidate, Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies, Utrecht University


Testimonials from a publisher and a translator

‘Beverley is a delight to work with: quick, thorough, and dependable. I have no hesitation in recommending her for proofreading.’
Daniele Och, Production Director, Zed Books

‘I worked with Beverley on the translation into English of a French-language magazine on Brussels luxury stores. It was rather urgent when I contacted her, and she stepped into it very professionally. She always met with the deadlines and her suggestions for improvement were spot-on. She also motivated the changes she proposed very clearly in her notes. A pleasure to work with.’
Kristof Dams, Belgium


Testimonials from businesses and research institutes

‘Superscript did brilliant work for us on a series of complex case studies. The attention to detail, including both proofing and feedback, was top tier and the work was always done promptly. We will certainly use this service again.’
Sam Woolley, Director of Research, Computational Propaganda Project, Oxford Internet Institute

‘Bev has been great to work with. She is incredibly thorough, and nothing escapes her attention. I was very impressed with the extent of her work, which ranged from minor spacing issues right through to readability and continuity. I felt reassured knowing my book was in such a safe pair of hands!’
Ian Golding, Global Customer Experience Specialist, I. J. Golding Customer Experience Consultancy

‘I was very happy with the thorough, helpful and constructive comments Bev gave us to enable us to make corrections and improvements to our text for our product catalogue.
The contact with Bev was great, she is professional, friendly and on time. Thank you for your help.’
Jasmina Paulzen, Nophadrain (green roof innovators)

‘Your editing and comments are superb (your attention to detail is amazing) and sometimes they do take time and effort to consider and implement, but that is precisely what I wanted. … Your suggestions have really made me think about the way I should approach clarity and I am sure I will have your voice in my head next time when I am writing, asking myself if what I said is clear enough. Immensely valuable. Thank you! I already have plans for a few more books and I am sure I will be using your copy editing services in the future.’

Dr. Ethan Honary, Skills Converged Ltd. www.SkillsConverged.com

‘We recently engaged Bev’s services and couldn’t be happier with the results. We would recommend without hesitation and will definitely be asking for her help again.’
Jennifer Potts, National Centre for Smoking Cessation and Training

‘Beverley provides excellent, thorough proofreading. She is quick and reliable, but also takes time to educate the author on specific points for improvement in terms of style and grammar. Accordingly, she enhances not only the quality of the text, but also the author’s writing skills.’
Virgil Rerimassie, Researcher, Rathenau Instituut, The Netherlands


Testimonial from a fiction author and publisher

‘I am so pleased I found Beverley. She was very professional, agreed and kept to deadlines, pointed out some useful editing issues and lots of great proofreading changes. I am very happy to endorse her work.’
Luke McEwen, Unchained Pen Ltd, www.lukemcewen.co.uk


A testimonial from an author of a non-academic book

‘You are great! I have really enjoyed your work and would recommend you any day. Your efficiency and the quality of your work are second to none in my humble opinion. I can’t commend you enough.’
Prince Eze Nacho, London, UK

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