Academic copy-editing and proofreading

Academic copy-editing and proofreading: What types of texts do I work on?

Academic copy-editing and proofreading have been the main areas of my work to date, so I have extensive experience in these fields. Typically, I work on the following types of documents:

  • doctoral, or PhD, theses and master’s dissertations (please see my Student proofreading page)
  • journal articles for submission to peer-reviewed international journals
  • single-author books/monographs
  • multiple-author edited collections
  • book chapters
  • conference papers
  • reports
  • grant applications



Which academic service do you need?

I have tried to define what proofreading, proof-editing and copy-editing are on my website. If you are still unclear about what work you’d like to be done on your text, just send it to me and I can advise you. Most texts require both copy-editing and proofreading, and many people ask for these to be done at the same time (often referred to as a proof-edit).

Specialist areas of work

The majority of my work to date in academic copy-editing and proofreading has been in humanities (e.g. English literature, history, philosophy, public health, public health ethics) and social science subjects (e.g. ethnology, gender studies, social anthropology, social geography, migration studies, political science, sociology, sociology of education, sociology of health and illness, international relations), but I also work in other academic subject areas.

More specific areas I have worked on include abortion law, ADHD, AI and healthcare, architecture, artificial intelligence, business and marketing, caste in India, climate change, cyber bullying, disinformation and fake news, environmental anthropology, gender and work, digital media, digital news, digital support for excluded citizens, ecommerce, disaster risk management, education, health promotion, health and rehabilitation, higher education, information communication, information systems, intermedial studies, media transformation, medical software, migration, misinformation, museum studies, music composition, music technology, nursing and physiotherapy, palliative care nursing, psychotherapy, public policy, representations of Muslims in the media, responsible innovation, self-harm, traditional religions in Kenya, typography, violence and the production of space, and virtual real estate and the metaverse, so I would probably be able to help you even if your subject area isn’t listed in this paragraph. If you get in touch I can let you know.

I have a legal background, so I am comfortable with much law-related content. Other areas of special interest are English Literature and History (both of these were my degree subjects). You can find details of some of the publications I have worked on here: Portfolio.

English as a second or third language

If your second or third language is English, you should feel confident that I’m familiar with the types of issues that may crop up in your text, because a large proportion of my work is for such clients.

Style guides

If you wish, I can check that the language used in your text complies with any style guide that you are following. I have worked with lots of different style guides so I’m familiar with the types of requirements that are set out in them.

Previous projects

Please click here for details of some of my previous projects

You can also have a look at my testimonials page to see what some of my clients have said about my work.