Brief explanation of all services

Are you confused about which of the services you need? I’ve tried to provide simple definitions here to help you. If you need more detail once you’ve read this page, just take a look at the Proofreading and Copy-editing and Proof-editing pages or email me, attaching your text or a sample.


This includes checking spelling, grammar, punctuation and consistency of style. I will also suggest changes to make the text read more fluently and clearly. I’ll highlight ambiguities and monotonous repetition and suggest solutions. If you haven’t decided on a consistent style in terms of things like hyphenation, use of italic and bold, capitalisation and when quotation marks are to be used, and so on, I can create a style for you. I can then make sure it’s consistently used.


This is the final check done on a text. It includes checking spelling, grammar and punctuation and that the style used is consistent, e.g. hyphenation, use of italic, and so on.


This is a combination of proofreading and copy-editing and is done in one pass.

If you’re still not sure what work needs to be done, just get in touch via my Contact page or by emailing me at [email protected]