Proofreading for businesses, charities, publishers and authors

Many writers are likely to have become so involved in their work that they can’t proofread it effectively. They have become ‘blind’ to errors such as repetition or cut and paste errors. It is my job to spot errors and amend them, but I will do so sensitively, bearing in mind the style of writing that’s being used and the target readers.


Businesses, charities and other organisations

How can your organisation benefit? If you are a business, it is essential that your image is impressive, entices potential customers to buy your products or use your services and persuades current customers to keep their business in your hands.

Mistakes in promotional or marketing material are likely to imply that your business does not pay attention to detail, not just in terms of its written output but in relation to the general running of your business and the care of your customers.

It makes good business sense to have your written output copy-edited, proof-edited and/or proofread – this should help you to continue to present a sound business image that inspires confidence in your current and potential customers.

If you are a charity or other organisation and you have an important report to publish, it goes without saying that you need the content to be accurate, clear and grammatically correct. Having your document copy-edited, proof-edited and/or proofread should ensure this.

Examples of an organisation’s documents that can benefit from being copy-edited, proof-edited and/or proofread.

Anything that you are presenting to the general public, your current customers, potential customers or your staff is likely to benefit from being copy-edited, proof-edited and/or proofread. Examples of such documents are as follows:

  • leaflets, brochures and catalogues
  • reports
  • training documents

Proofreading for publishers

I have copy-edited and proofread texts for publishers and am keen to build on my experience. The publishers I’ve worked for have been very pleased with the standard of my work and have given me repeat business. Please get in touch to discuss your project


Proofreading for authors of fiction

I am an avid reader of fiction. My work on fiction texts is limited to proofreading and light copy-editing, but do get in touch if you’d like a quote.


Would you like to have a different document proofread?

If you would like a quote for work on a type of document that is not mentioned above, please send it to me by email and I’ll let you know whether I can help you and give you. My details are on the contact page here