Proofreading for businesses, charities, publishers and other authors, e.g. fiction authors

Whatever you’re writing, it’s very common to become so familiar with your work that you can’t proofread it effectively. It becomes very difficult to spot things such as cut and paste errors, words or phrases that are repeated so often that they become monotonous, and spelling and punctuation mistakes. My job is to spot problems and errors and suggest options for amending them, but I will do so sensitively, bearing in mind the style of writing that’s being used and the target readers.

Businesses, charities and other organisations

Anything that you are presenting to the general public, other business partners or other organisations, your current customers, potential customers or your staff is very likely to benefit from being copy-edited, proof-edited and/or proofread. Examples of the types of documents I could work on are as follows:

  • reports
  • training documents
  • brochures, catalogues and magazines

Proofreading for publishers

I have copy-edited and proofread both fiction and non-fiction texts for publishers. The publishers I’ve worked for have been very pleased with the standard of my work.

Proofreading for authors of fiction

I can proofread numerous genres of fiction and am happy to provide a light copy-editing service if you need it. I’m very keen to do more fiction proofreading so would love to hear from you.

You can see some testimonials from happy fiction clients here if you scroll down:

Other authors

I can work for all sorts of authors, so if you don’t fit into the descriptions above, I’m sure I can still help you out. Just get in touch  by sending me your document by email and we can take it from there. My details are on the contact page here