Academic services

What types of texts do I proofread, proof-edit and copy-edit for academics?

Academic proofreading has been the main area of my work to date. I have extensive experience in proofreading, proof-editing and copy-editing the following types of texts for academics:

  • journal articles for submission to peer-reviewed international journals
  • conference papers
  • book chapters
  • books
  • academic, multiple-author edited collections
  • reports
  • grant applications



Which academic service do you need?

I have tried to define what proofreading, proof-editing and copy-editing are, but if you are still unclear about what work you’d like to be done on your text, just send it to me and I can advise you. So far, I’ve found that almost all texts that are sent to me require at least a proof-edit.


Specialist areas of work

The majority of my work to date has been in humanities and social sciences subjects, but I can work in other academic subject areas. I am quick to pick up on technical language and the style of writing that’s being used, and where, for example, there is a possible problem with a term that is used frequently throughout the text, I’ll email you to check it’s correct. If you think it needs changing, I’ll suggest alternatives. This kind of communication helps me to produce the most accurate text possible and avoids you wasting time grappling with some of the language issues on your own.

I have a legal background, so I am comfortable with all Law-related content. Other areas of special interest are English Literature and History (both of these were my degree subjects).

English as a second language

A large proportion of my work is for clients whose second language is English, so I am familiar with the types of errors that are common in their texts, for example not making the verb agree with the subject and using the wrong preposition.

Style guides

If you wish, I can check that the language used in your text complies with any style guide that you are following. I have worked with lots of different style guides, from those that are minimal to the longest one I was sent, which was nearly 50 pages long, so I’m familiar with the types of requirements that are set out in these guides.

Previous projects

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